Loran Mutual Insurance Co.   

Insuring Farm and Homeowners for 135 years

Who We Are

Through the farsightedness of some community minded people, a meeting was held 135 years ago for the purpose of forming a Township Mutual Insurance Company.  On October 16, 1879, Loran Township Mutual Insurance Company was organized.

The purpose of this company is to serve property owners by providing adequate insurance protection at a reasonable and stable cost.  The company's motto is "People helping People".  It has continued to survive through the good and bad years, through crop failures, and the financial stresses of the Depression years around 1890 and of the 1930's; because the members worked together in loss prevention, in local control, in providing up-to-date coverages, and reasonable rates.  The company is financially stable and is reinsured through Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Company of Grinnell, Iowa.  This company was organized for sharing of financial hardships, not for profit.


Loran Mutual has received the State Achievement award from the Illinois Association of Mutual Insurance Companies, and is known for its dedication to its customers and personalized service. Most recently, Lyle Bruning, Chair Elect of the Illinois Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (IAMIC) presented to Loran Mutual a certificate of Achievement for 135 years of service to the policyholders. 

Operating with integrity and honesty, each board member and agent is committed to serving the homeowners in Northwestern Illinois.  We invited you to partner with us as we continue to help protect our local community.

Why Us

Loran Mutual provides excellent insurance protection at reasonable and stable rates!

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